Rooster Year

Now according to the traditional 12 year Chinese zodiac calendar, the Rooster is cock full of confidence and intelligence… However People who are born in the Rooster Year do usually

Crocodile Jumping Top End

Trax2 Bilingual Road Guide of North Australia’s crocodile jumping parks With more and more crocodile attacks in Darwin every year is it wise to encourage watching crocodiles jump in the

Ruby Gap

From Alice Springs it’s just a “short” drive to Ruby Gap, however to save time download this detailed  Trax2 Outback map of Alice Springs Once you have downloaded the Trax2

WA Bilingual Guides

Trax2 Bilingual Western Australian Guides with maps in both English and Chinese A high resolution true PDF Wyndham map is available for download too              This digital

Shady Camp NT

Shady Camp NT in the Mary River National Park Can you spot the croc in this picture below or is it just the reflection in the Shady Camp NT lagoon

NT Japanese Guides

Trax2 Japanese Northern Territory Guides with maps in both English and Japanese   You might also be interested in English and Chinese versions too…      This digital Trax2 Northern Territory

NT Bilingual Guides

Trax2 Bilingual Northern Territory Guides with maps in both English and Chinese      This digital Trax2 Northern Territory Map is the only map of the NT that you can