Australia train system

This is another award winning designed Trax2 Australia train system map, showing all the National and State?train system in both Chinese and English.

Are you Chinese Ready?

With this Australia train system your business will be!

Australia Railroad map

This map is ideal for planning all your Australia train journeys and shows all the Australian train stations and stops so for all those train buffs this makes planning a trip so much easier to do spread out on the kitchen table.

This high resolution railway map will make your Chinese guest feel at home when you print it out and give to them thus making their stay in?Australia that much more enjoyable.

But not only that, all Trax2 Maps are great souvenirs that guests will take back home to wherever they come from?and use it as a point of reference for all their “happy snaps”

The Trax2 Australia Rail travel map can be download here!

Detail of train routes and stations Australia train system

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