Herb remedies for diarrhea

Adventurers?visiting many tropical, sub-tropical and growing countries run an increased threat of suffering a gastrointestinal illness. These are often attributable to micro organism, parasites and viruses. The microscopic bugs on

Travel Insurance Guide

Travel insurance information guide (update for 2014) Holidays are for enjoyable, it means abandoning your job and duties for a while. Having travel insurance is a method of putting your

5 Star Luxury Hotels

There is not a single person who would deny a stay at a 5 star luxury hotel, if given the opportunity. The reason behind this is the unparallel comfort and

China Adventures

Understanding where to start off is just about the hardest elements of planning for your China adventures. The most important step is make a cup full of tea (or pick

Travel Tips

Whether a travel has been adequately planned for or a spur of the moment decision, it still may prove to be an unsettling occurrence. This occurs because you?re constantly thinking

South America travel tips

Why Take The Time To Go To South America? South America?is a distination or place that people often seem to miss off the list of places to go on one

Information On USA Travel

TripGuy Travel is one of the many travel agencies that offer information on?US States on the Internet with agents experts in all sorts of resorts, cruises and holiday packages for

Tips On Reading China Maps

Whether you like it or not, there will come a time that you will need a map no matter how good you are at directions. You definitely are familiar with

Bali Holidays

The quintessential party island,?Bali is recognized for its all night raves, superstar DJs, non-stop nightlife and hardcore clubbing. Bali is really a tropical island with lush plant life making it

Travel safety advice and tips

International traveling can be fun, but it requires meticulous planning well in advance. If you are traveling to any country for the first time, it is important to familiarize yourself

Family Getaways

The success of a family trip depends entirely on the holiday spot you choose to go to. After all, going to a less than interesting destination where there?s nothing to

Advice on all Guilin tours

The Confucius Temple in Gong Cheng is the best preserved one in GuangXi and one of the largest Confucius Temples ever built in China. Originally built in1410, it has since