Story of the Sacred Heart Church in Guangzhou


The Sacred Heart Church in Guangzhou was built between 1863 and 1888 funded at the time by the French government. Built over the residency of Viceroy Ye Ming Chen, which was destroyed by the British during the Second Opium War, the area used to include the church and other buildings of a hospital, primary and secondary schools, seminaries, Bishop’s House, a Tudor Hall and stables. All that remains today is the Cathedral, which is based on the Basilica of St. Clotilde in Paris, but has similar appearances to the famous Notre Dame of Paris.

Viewed in today’s perspective and location, the Sacred Heart Church in Guangzhou retains a stunning surrealistic “cityscape” mix, with its beautiful grotesque Gothic architecture sitting surround by modern-style structures. The only other Christian church in the world that creates this kind of impact is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan, New York, New York, USA??

Location: On YiDe Xi Lu, west of JieFang Nan Lu
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Open: Sundays 8am-6pm.

2016 Dec, Update photo of Sacred Heart Church

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