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Innisfail to Cairns is one of the most beautiful drive or areas you can do on the Cassowary Coast. Cairns to Innisfail is situated in the tropics in Far North Queensland Australia.

Leaving Innisfail heading north to Cairns you pass Goondi Hill, EUBENANGEE SWAMP National Park and Josephine Falls which makes great stops before the turnoff to Bramston Beach.

Josephine Falls is also the access point for climbing Mount BARTLE FRERE standing at 1622m, the highest mountain in Queensland.

Back on the Bruce Highway you pass Miriwinni before reaching Babinda and the turnoff to THE BOULDERS, beside the Boulders there is a small bush camp, in season (June-September) so plan to get here early if you want to stay a night.

Your next stop should be the small town of Bellenden Ker sitting right beneath the 2nd highest mountain in Queensland Mount BELLENDEN KER at 1593m.

Moving on from Bellenden Ker there is Deeral and if you are lucky just might have the cheapest petrol prices around a couple of cents cheaper than in Cairns itself, so it does not hurt to top-up and stop for a coffee too.

Continuing north another sight will be Pyramid Mountain or Walsh’s Pyramid, famous for its ?King of the Mountain Race?, which Gordonvale holds the traditional Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair held once a year in August.

Walsh’s Pyramid is used by locals for hiking, Pyramid Mountain is 922 metres tall, and quite steep so you need to be fit and healthy to make the climb to the summit. Not to be climbed during the summer months, December to April.

From Gordonvale it?s another 10 kilometers to Edmonton which is considered the outskirts of Cairns and just another 13 kilometers to the CBD.

Kurrimine Beach Cassowary Coast

Another way to drive from Innisfail to Cairns is via the inland or Tableland route so instead of driving straight up the Bruce Highway you turnoff at the Palmerston Highway for Belvedere.

Using this tableland circle route (download the Free Tableland Map to plan your trip) you pass Tarzali, Tumoulin, Kaban, Millaa Millaa, Yungaburra, Malanda, Atherton, Mareeba, and ?Kuranda ??????? before arriving into Cairns.

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