Choosing a China holiday

Choosing a China holiday destination is like trying to pick the best Spice Girl, it’s impossible and everyone has their own opinion.

xian tourist map

China has so much to see and do; it can be a little overwhelming deciding which parts to visit. China is a vast and open country to see it all is pretty much unfeasible. At 9,596,960 km2 (3,704,426 mi2) China is the fourth largest country in the world.

China has beautiful countryside as well as renowned bustling cities; maybe your girlfriend wants to go shopping in Shanghai but you’d rather shop in Guangzhou miles away, it’s a predicament. I know you might want to go gallivanting from your girlfriend, but it?s highly likely your girlfriend will get their way; you’re going to Shanghai. But with lots of holiday choices for China you can create your own personalised trip to China no matter how long or complicated it may be.

Shanghai map tourist attractions

You can combine hotel accommodations with rail journeys, bullet trains, fast trains traveling at over 300 km per hour or organize flights to any part of China. From east to west, north to south. Meaning Chengdu holidays and Beijing Holidays can easily merge to become one super brilliant holiday!

No arguments and no more cold shoulders from your significant other. No matter where you’d like to go there are ways to assist you with your travel arrangements. There are plenty of travel options available from planes, trains and automobiles. Just pick you favoured destinations and your holiday can be arranged from the vehicles you rent to the accommodation during your journey.

Hong Kong ferry map

It’s possible to combine Xian, Kunming, Sanya, Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The choice is yours.

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