Catching bullet trains in China

Beijing to Guangzhou is the World’s longest bullet trains in China…

The opening of the 2298 kilometre line bullet train between Beijing and Guangzhou means passengers will be whisked from the capital to the southern commercial hub (or just the thing for Beijingers looking for shopping bargains in the wholesale markets of Guangzhou)?in just eight hours, compared with the 22 hours previously.

China Central Television showcased the 9am bullet train departure time as the first train living from Beijing West Railway Station and followed its arrival later in Guangzhou at about 5pm.


The Beijing – Guangzhou Train G79? will travel?along at?an average speed of 287.8 km/h (178.8 mph) running through Mainland China (Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha); and from 2015?bullet trains in China will connect Beijing – Guangzhou?and?Hong Kong



Check out this A3 China Rail map



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