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The twin souls of ShenZhen FOOD Because of its humble beginnings as a small fishing village, seafood is an intricate part of the ShenZhen?s psyche, and to this day ShenZhen has not lost its roots to its seafood heritage as where better than to sample all the best seafood at prices lower then its big brother Hong Kong!

A good place to start is around the Le Yuan Lu area. As always seafood is ordered alive & fresh (you choose your fish or prawns etc.) and the restaurant will cook it for you on the spot. Because the seafood is so fresh cooking is simple, either steaming, poaching, stir frying or barbecuing, using as little spices & salt as possible, so the freshness of the seafood flavors are retained.

Don?t fancy seafood then don?t fret, as ShenZhen is a melting pot of migrants from all over China, each bringing their favorite and traditional cuisines, thus making ShenZhen the only city in China with the most variety of cuisines from all over China (and possibility the world). Here you can find every available Chinese style/cuisine, from faraway as XinJiang and as close as Canton and Hong Kong.
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Like SHOPPING?then?Shenzhen is the place, as it?abounds with shopping malls and streets, stocking all manner of designer labels, knock-offs, spin-offs, take-offs, from mobile phones to notebooks and the latest blu-ray DVDs to watches.? Anything and everything you can find under the sun is available here in Shenzhen!


Not sure how to get to Shenzhen?then TRAX2 Map of Shenzhen will get you there on the right track and keep you there…


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