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Rooster Year

Now according to the traditional 12 year Chinese zodiac calendar, the Rooster is cock full of confidence and intelligence… However People who are born in the Rooster Year do usually share lots of common personality traits such

Qingming Festival Darwin

Qingming Festival in Darwin The Qingming Festival Darwin, is also translated as The?Grave Sweeping Festival? or Tomb Sweeping Day in English, and usually falls around April 4 or 5in the gregorian calendar. Qingming (??) is the second

Chinese Temple Darwin

Chinese Temple Darwin This famous Chinese Temple Darwin has been here since 1887 and has been rebuilt several times after cyclones and wars. The present Chinese Temple was opened in 1977 on the original site after Cylone

Monkey Year

May the new Monkey Year bring you happiness, good health, prosperity?with lots of fun?and laughter… Gong Hey Fat Choy Gong Xi Fa Cai ???? HAPPY MONKEY YEAR February 8 is the first day of the Chinese New

ShenZhen FOOD

The twin souls of ShenZhen FOOD Because of its humble beginnings as a small fishing village, seafood is an intricate part of the ShenZhen?s psyche, and to this day ShenZhen has not lost its roots to its

Mooncake Festival Story

This MoonCake Festival Story??? comes from Dali Yunnan China, this is fitting as today, 8 September 2014 is Mooncake festival. Their mooncake festival story starts at … 9:30 am: With the rush of the Last minute MoonCake

Bali Holidays

The quintessential party island,?Bali is recognized for its all night raves, superstar DJs, non-stop nightlife and hardcore clubbing. Bali is really a tropical island with lush plant life making it an very popular destination for travellers wanting