Chinese Temple Darwin

Chinese Temple Darwin

This famous Chinese Temple Darwin has been here since 1887 and has been rebuilt several times after cyclones and wars. The present Chinese Temple was opened in 1977 on the original site after Cylone Tracy destroyed the existing Temple in 1974.

The Temple entrance translate to… “The Power Of Almighty God reaches far and near”
The Gateway Stone Lions guarding the entrance are hand crafted in China and shipped to this spot in Darwin,

This is a REAL CHINESE Temple where People worship here daily, so please show the same respect that you would in any place of Worship by talking quietly and not taking photos while people are worshipping. Please do not touch or handle any item on the Altars Symbols. This temple is unique in that a combination of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism is practised, which is common in Chinese communities outside China, but very unusual in China itself.

There is a sacred Bodhi tree growing in the Temple grounds is believed to be a direct descendant of the tree under which Buddha gained enlightenment.

Darwin’s Chinese Temple Drum and Bell was originally used for social gatherings, and the drum & bell was used in the forerunner of the Chung Wah Society meetings.
Chinese Temple Darwin

The Temple is just five minute walk from the Darwin Mall and has entrances in at both 25 Woods St and 8 Litchfield St.

Open every day between 8.00am and 4.00pm.

The Darwin Chinese Temple is situtated right beside the New Chung Wah Society’s Chinese Museum, which displays and records the important contribution the Chinese community have made in the Northern Territory. Chinese-Temple-Darwin-45

The museum is open 10.00am to 2.00pm Tuesday to Sunday
Closed Mondays and Public Holidays Entrance Fees Apply

Learn more about the Northern Territory’s Chung Wah Society Temple which has a long and curious history. Established in the days of dirt tracks in Darwin’s CBD, it has been battered by cyclones and damaged by lootings during Darwin’s war years.

Darwin Chinese emap

See here > For more pictures and history of the Chinese and the Chung Wah Society? in Darwin

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