New Years Eve 1999 in New York

The year was 1999, and it was New Year’s Eve in New York, New York USA and I’ve just made my first digital New Years Eve movie

This, then is my small?New Years Eve 1999 in New York Movie
At that time there was no youtube, google or facebook and the computing power was only powerful enough to encode 320×320 pixels.

Deii 1998 worksatationThis little New York video was develop on a Dell 410 Workstation (read more about the 410 Dell) At that time in 1999 it came with 128MB of SDRAM,? Pentium II processor 333MHz, Diamond pro graphics accelerator, floppy drive (remember these), 24X CD-ROM drive and I think it had 2 x 2 GB HD setup as a RAID but I used as single drives, I remember this as later on a friend burnt everything onto a single DVD (timeline on HD)

Fast forward 16 years later and now you can see my latest New Years Eve video, shot in its entirety behind Skycity, Darwin Australia

Not sure if you are?on the right TRAX to The United States of America then?don’t worry as this Trax2?USA Map will put on the right track for New York City, Boston and San Francisco…

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