The Best USA Holiday Destinations

The United States of America is a huge country! Its home to 50 diverse states and millions of people from different cultures and societies . Many of the states don’t have a unique tourist pulling factor and tend to be quite bland Places offering very little in Attractions and Activities. Not all of the States are Similar and bland, Some of the States are full of fun and exciting activities which appeal to all holiday makers! Below we give you a taste of some of the best USA holiday destinations.

New York

New York is the city that?never sleeps, The Big Apple, an Absolute monster of a city. New York offers a brilliant and new experience for everyone, the city is huge, diverse with lots to do and see. Many popular New York excursions include; Breathtaking views from the Empire state building, Trips to see the statue of Liberty or luxury horse draw carriage trip around central Park. Hotels and Accommodation can range for very little to thousands of dollars per night. New York Holidays and offers a completely unique holiday experience each time you visit! and offer a completely unique holiday experience each time you visit.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a large and Vibrant city packed full of Fun, thrill and excitement. The city is situated slap bang in the middle of the Nevada desert Miles away from any other civilization. Las Vegas Holidays Are Popular Among Stag and Hen Doo’s. As the fun and Exciting night life can fulfill the good time quota. Famous for its vast array of luxurious Casino’s like the Bellagio which is renowned for its prestigious dancing fountain displays, and it’s extensive array of Busy and booming night life Las Vegas is a must Holiday for any Thrill seeker! looking for excitement, Thrills and unadulterated fun!.

Orlando, Florida

A Magical Holiday! Orlando holidays are Famous for the many world renowned theme parks on offer, Disney land the home to Mickey mouse and all his friends, Offers many exciting rides and attractions but is aimed at a younger generation .Universal Studios and Land of Adventures, two huge parks incorporated into one, the universal studios take you on a tour of many famous movie sets and exhilarating simulation rides. While Land of adventurers was made for rollercoaster fanatics, the park is crammed full of scary and exciting rides. both parks are incorporated into one massive town with its own hotels (hard rock hotel) river, cinema, night clubs and Dining/ shopping faculties etc. Last but not least Sea World! a magical adventure were you get to see and interact with many rare Marine life animals. the most spectacular event in the park offers is the “Shamoo show” a killer whale “orca” Family show which is truly breathtaking.

herald square - new york

One of the best times to visit New York is in the winter, in the snow New York turns into a magical place

To really plan for your USA Destinations you need a USA map that makes it easy to map out all the attractions that offers every visitor a holiday? experience to remember!

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