Trax2 ?Exotic Fruits the Black Sapote

There are many types of Exotic fruits grown in Far North Queensland and one of the most exotic is the ?Black Sapote
Chocolate Pudding Fruit - ?Black Sapote


The ?Black Sapote is a Native from Mexico, and is one of Australia’s Exotic Fruits grown in Far North Queensland including around Innisfail and the whole of the Cassowary Coast Region and Cairns and the Tablelands too.

Other names Black Sapote is known as, are Chocolate Pudding Fruit and Black Persimmon.

Black Sapote is a fruit that can not be eaten unripe and when ripe the flesh is black like chocolate pudding. The fruit has a bright green and shiny skin when unripe.

banana flowerWhen picking or buying make sure the crown on top of the fruit has raised, which indicates the fruit is mature. During ripening, changes of the fruit are dramatic going from rock hard to soft and mushy. Do not refrigerate until ripe. Ripe fruit or pulp may be refrigerated for a few days, however, freezing is better. Frozen whole fruit or pulp retains its subtle flavour for more than six months, and frozen pulp is suitable for use in any recipe.

Only eat when the Black Sapote has turned very soft, just cut the fruit in half around the centre and scoop out the flesh and remove the seeds. Very soft fruit has a delicate skin, which may disintegrate when cut. Flavour is enhanced by the addition of a little rum, vanilla, cream or coffee liqueur (Kahlua or Tia Maria). It makes a delicious ice cream and is also great in mousses, cakes, cheesecakes, muffins, bread and preserves.

What are Exotic fruits?

Fruits that which are not native and are cultivated outside their place of origin. Some exotic fruits are tropical. Exotic fruits cover just a small group of fruits, you must try out at least a few when you visit Northern Australia or any other exotic trip that you might do, as all? exotic fruits will taste something totally different to anything you might have tasted before.

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