Holiday inside a yurt

If you are thinking about taking a Holiday in a yurt or indeed preparing to go on your yurt holiday you may be wondering what you will find inside your yurt.

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Of course every yurt is different and what you will find inside every yurt will be different.?? It will also depend upon the owners of the yurt holiday site and what they cater for.

But as a general rule of thumb, typically you will find the following.

Beds are of course pretty much always provided.? Very popular in yurts are the futon style of beds.? If you don?t find futons comfortable for you, it is best to check ahead.

There are also provisions for linen.? However some yurt holiday sites don?t provide linen or may do different options where if you don?t bring your own linen you will need to pay extra.? So it is a good idea to ask if linen is provided.

Depending on the yurt holiday site, you may find you have a self contained bathroom either inside the yurt, outside or shared bathroom facilities.? Many yurt holiday sites are now using solar energy so you may find yourself taking a solar shower.

Compost toilets are commonly found in yurts as yurt owners usually are environmentally conscious folk.? This is where you add a scoop of compost instead of using a water flush button.

To keep in touch with the traditional vibe of the yurt and if you are lucky often there is original Mongolian furniture in the yurt.? Often rugs, cushions and hangings will be used to decorate the yurt.

For heating and cooking, many yurts use wood burning stoves.? Mobiles, iPhones and notebooks are catered for by electrical adaptor points in many yurts.

This is more or less a basic list of items that you will find in your yurt on the yurt holiday site.? However all sorts of other things may be included such as fridges, hammocks and organic vegetable patches.

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It is always best to check prior to booking what is included in your yurt and what other services the site provides for choosing the right yurt holiday.


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