5 Star Luxury Hotels

There is not a single person who would deny a stay at a 5 star luxury hotel, if given the opportunity. The reason behind this is the unparallel comfort and luxury provided by these hotels. You would not want to worry about hygiene while on a vacation or you would not like to stay awake through the night because of terrible sleeping arrangements. If you choose to stay at a 5 star luxury hotel, you will be free of all such meander worries and instead will be able to indulge in total luxury.

Five star luxury hotels are all about excellent service. Some of these hotels also have one-to-one ratio of guest and service person. Although service of this level is very rare, it is nevertheless impeccable in every luxury 5 star hotel. The staffs cater to your every whims and fancies to make you feel pampered in every possible ways.

The next best thing about a these top luxury hotels is the facilities. All such hotels come with swimming pools, gyms, banquet halls and spas. You would not want to leave your hotel with such facilities available. Some luxury 5 star hotels also provide the facility of arranging your travel plan. There are generally pick and drop arrangements from the airport or railway stations. You just need to book your reservations in a 5 star luxury hotel and reach the destination of your vacation. Everything from then on will be taken care of.

The star rating is very important for choosing your luxury hotel. The ratings are given based on ambience, service, facilities available and so on. As you can understand, you can never get the same experience if you stay at a 2 or 3 star hotel. 4 star hotels are almost equivalent to 5 star luxury hotels in terms of luxury and comfort and can be seen as a cheap luxury hotel, but you have to stay in a 5 star hotel to understand the real difference.

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