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Whether a travel has been adequately planned for or a spur of the moment decision, it still may prove to be an unsettling occurrence. This occurs because you?re constantly thinking up about your destination, what you will need, what will be provided for you, and what you can?t go to or leave the destination without.

Therefore, you?re typically running back and forth at the last minute insuring you?ve packed your toothbrush, passport, contact solution, batteries, gum for the plane and everything else you deem important. When you consider flight security restrictions you must adhere to when at the airport, this may drive you crazy. Though it may be a bother getting everything together, traveling doesn?t have to be such a hassle if you plan properly and follow these easy travel tips.

This may be the most significant portion of you travel- not only because you may leave something you will need later. In addition to leaving vital products, there are certain measures that will have you rummaging through your bags attempting to make necessary changes at moments when time is of the essence.

One of the major rules of travel today is to not carry liquids past security checkpoints. This includes but is not limited to beverages, toothpaste, lotions, liquid deodorant, lip gloss and aerosol. Though they are banned, some people are so accustomed to packing these products in their carry-on bags they don?t realize they are banned. They learn soon enough when their bags reach the x-ray machine and are searched by security officers who then take their favorite scented lotion never to give it back.

To avoid the embarrassment and frustration, keep airline policies in mind when packing.? You are allowed to carry on small clear zipper top bags of less than three ounces and absolutely no aerosols.? Pack all other liquids into the bag you intend to check.? To avoid this, it helps to learn their travel tips, which include packing larger bottles of liquids into the bag you’re checking. Also your shoes: you must remove your shoes at every flight security checkpoint, therefore its best not to wear shoes or boots that are difficult to remove.? Otherwise you will slow the line down.? Instead wear sneakers that are easy to remove.? If you must change your shoes after the checkpoint then pack the pair you intend to wear in your carry-on bag.? Security and your fellow officers will thank you.

Depending on the time of year when you?re traveling, be sure to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.? The boarding process typically begins 30 to 40 minutes before take off, leaving you with only an hour and a half to complete the rest of your check in?and there is plenty to do.

Relying on how your ticket was reserved, you may be required to print your ticket at a check-in station. These stations are now made up of kiosks, though they may be convenient, they require you to do most of the work. Because they require you to know what you are doing it is a good idea that you have your ticket record locator (normally a 13-digit number), your conformation number and driver?s license (or other sate id) readily available. After using either you conformations number or ticket record locator you may print your ticket, check your luggage, show id and begin the treacherous at of going through the checkpoints.

Depending on how you made your flight reservation, you may print your ticket at the check-in kiosk. These kiosks are self-serve, so you don most of the work yourself. This is convenient, but you need to know how to use them or else check-in can eat-up your time at the airport. Keep some things close at hand: your ticket record locator (a 13-diget number), confirmation number and driver?s license. After checking in and printing your ticket, you can check your bags at the counter and show your ID to the ticket agent. Now you?re free of your huge suitcase and you can head for the security checkpoint!

The checkpoint is actually a fairly easy process. It?s fast moving, but if you know what you?re doing, it moves smoothly. Another travel tip to remember is following procedure: first you need to present your ID and boarding pass, so keep them close at hand. Once you pass this point, place your carry-on items on the conveyor belt that passes under an x-ray while you walk through a metal detector. Before you put your bags on the conveyor belt, remove your shoes and Zip-Loc bags with liquids.? Take out your laptop computer and other electronics smaller than the palm of your hand. Put them on the conveyor belt separately. Gather your belongings and the only thing you have left to do now is board the plane!

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