Mandorah ferry cost

mandorah ferry cost

The Darwin to Mandorah ferry cost about $40 one way so a return ticket back to Darwin is around $80 and takes under 20 minutes to cross to the other side of the bay. Leaving from the Cullen Bay wharf 7 days a week with ferries leaving nearly every hour.

For two people that around $180 so that’s about 2 tank fulls of fuel in a 4WD and an hour’s drive, 2 if you include the drive back to Darwin

You can spend the whole day in Mandorah where the fishing is better, now talking about fish how about a visit to one of the most expensive Fish and Chips shops in Australia at Cullen Bay

Where the fish come from and caught in South Australia

Learn more about Darwin’s Cullen Bay

oz map

Not sure if your on the right TRAX to Darwin, not to worry as this Trax2 Northern Territory Map will get you back on the right track…


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