About Beijing

that has won first prize for the Best Designed Map
in the International Asia Pacific Map Category

About BeijingTrax2 China Maps have now been recognized as the best designed Sheet Maps in the world in WINNING the prestigious IMTA (International Map Trade Association) 2007 Mapping Awards.
The About Beijing Map designed that won was titled Trax2 BeiJing and was one of 8 Titles published in 2007. With the other titles been:
Trax2 ShangHai (Dont leave home without it)
Trax2 Tibet (Covering the whole Tibetan Plateau, from Kathmandu to ChengDu)
Trax2 XiAn (Home of the Terracotta Warriors)

Trax2 GuiLin (Famous throughout China for its ragged hills and water landscapes)
Trax2 YangShuo (Baby sister to GuiLin, with better value and heaps of activities from bamboo rafting to hiking)
Trax2 DaLi (Gateway to Northwest Yunnan)
Trax2 LiJiang (Includes details map of Shangri-la or once known as ZhongDian)

The last 4 titles comes as a collectors set of maps (subtitled “China’s Pizza TrailNow mapping your China Tour is as simple as ordering a Pizza“) which covers the most visited areas in Southern China.

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