Activities in Beijing

Where to go and what activities in Beijing to do…

Activities in BeijingThe most popular question asked when you travel to Beijing is what?activities in Beijing do local do?

Well, here in Beijing do as the locals do and shop at DongWu Yuan Markets (near the Zoo) a fun market full of clothes, CheGong Zhuang, a big market, 5-6 floors of everything you can imagine, lots better then the touristy Silk Market ?(or Xiu Shui market that all packaged China Tour takes you to in Beijing).

Eating is the number one of the many? activities in Beijing locals enjoy…

And two of the best places to dine are Lao Beijing Restaurant (?????? in Chinese characters) and the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Restaurant (????? in Chinese characters, note: if you can not see these Chinese characters the see here on how to view Chinese characters in your browsers).

Weekend getaways out of Beijing

And for a weekend getaway, most prefer a night or two on The Great Wall and one of their favorites is? Huang?Hua Cheng for its easy accessibility, great little Guest Houses and best of all no bus loads of tourists.

So there you are some must-do simple activities in Beijing that will enhance your overall experience of Beijing

And one last word before you arrive in Beijing do arm yourself with a good Chinese/English Beijing?Map as this will make all your activities in Beijing stress free


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