China Tour made simple…

Now MAPPING your China Tour is as simple as ordering a pizza

China tour mapFrom BeiJing to GuiLin, Hong? Kong, ShangHai, XiAn, Lhasa (Tibet), and in between – Shangri-la, LiJiang, DaLi, and YangShuo the? Trax2 China Maps have you covered.
Designed from the ground up to make travel in China easy with built-in localized Chinese and English phrase books. Now its easy to map all your activities in Beijing and everywhere else in China

Now planning your own China Tour is as easy as ordering a pizza!

So what are you waiting for don’t let your pizza cool off… (for more on how easy you can tour China on your own)

Check out all the latest China Maps from the Trax2 Award Winning Design Team at the new Trax2 Shop

But that’s not all to even make your China Tour even more enjoyable we have made is super easy to learn Chinese with these tips on how to view Chinese in your browser of choice…

Viewing Chinese in “Firefox”

Viewing Chinese in “Explorer”

Viewing Chinese in “Opera”

Viewing Chinese in “Chrome”

Now with the above tips you will be able to see and get all the best deals on your China tour just like the locals.

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