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GuiLin – is the start of the long established “China Pizza Trail” (or GuiLin can be the the last if you are coming north from ChengDu to Ancient Town LiJiang to DaLi Old Town to passing through KunMing to YangShuo, GuiLin and out to Hong Kong) that runs 2000 plus kilometers nortwest into the Tibetan Plateau to LiJiang – GuiLin with its central location and easy transportation to all corners of GuangXi and beyond is not only a great base to explore the lesser minorities of the Yao (LongSheng), Zhuang, Hui, Dong (ChengYang) and Miao Peoples in the “wild” reaches of northern GuangXi.


But it’s also a great staging point for expeditions in search for some lesser known animals and birds such as the Chinese Giant Salamander (spotted in the area of Mao’er Shan – mountain), White Headed Langur monkey (found only in the southern parts of GuangXi), White-necklace Partridge, White-eared Night Heron, and the rare plant reefesia rotundifolia (regarded as a “living plant fossil” dating back to the age of the dinosaurs).

white head langur

We are proud to be supporters and sponsors for saving the white head langurs in China

With its rich fertile lands and temperate climate, GuiLin is a fantastic place to sample the diverse abundance of locally grown fresh produce from the wonderful varieties of green garden vegetables, paddy rice (each area has its particular variety), bamboo shoots (winter variety are “fat, sweet and delicious”), tea (LongSheng tea famous throughout China), sugarcane, chestnuts, peanuts and water-chestnuts (exported to Hong Kong) and seasonal fruits of persimmons, (famous for its sweet and succulent fresh and sundried varieties), pomelos, oranges, mandarins, strawberries, watermelons, tangerines, loquats, kumquats and pears.


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