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The Confucius Temple in Gong Cheng is the best preserved one in GuangXi and one of the largest Confucius Temples ever built in China. Originally built in1410, it has since been rebuilt twice, in 1861 and in 1963 when the GuangXi provincial government placed it in the government’s “Key Protection List”.

Ancient canal in Xing An.
The Ling Qu Canal began construction in 214 BC to link the Xiang Jiang and Li Jiang – rivers – together for the purpose of conveying military supplies, thereby turning Guilin into a geographic and strategic important district of southern China.

YANGSHUO – Biking, hiking, walking, canoeing, swimming, cycling, bamboo rafting, climbing what more can you ask for in
Yang Shuo …

North of GuiLin there is Mao’er Shan and beyond the scenery gets magnificent with ragged mountains and rivers in their secluded cayons. Expeditions for salamander “spotting”, canoeing, rubber rafting, hiking and camping are all possible adventure activities.

Before you book your Guilin tours you will need this GuiLin China map to plan and don’t forget about starting on the famous China’s Pizza Trail and visit all these places below…


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