Must see Aileron NT and Aileron Roadhouse

Aileron NTAileron NT and the Aileron Roadhouse is strategically situated along the Stuart Highway about an hour north of Alice Springs. The roadhouse is a great stopover for a break or an overnight stay.


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Nearby is the Ryans Well Historical Reserve another good stop for a picnic.

The Aileron Roadhouse, (+61 8 8956 9703) if coming from Alice Springs NT 0872 is just 135km north on the Stuart Highway.

The roadhouse offers real feel of outback hospitality, plus the Aboriginal art gallery, with accommodation of camping, caravan grounds and air-con motel rooms, pool, bbq picnic area. This rustic roadhouse is abit worn but comfortable, with very friendly staff, includes free washing machines, has one of the most awesome outback bar, live music on certain days if you are lucky to arrive on that day, owner has a pet pig and kangaroo.

While in Aileron NT you can take a walk and view beautiful scenery, stop for fuel, buy some supplies at the store, or for a longer break enjoy some breakfast, lunch or dinner with an icy cold beer in The Aileron Roadhouse Glen Maggie bar.

Great stop with wonderful things to photograph like the giant Lady, child and lizard sculptures which are a great photo depending where the sun is at the time of your visit and not to forget the aborigine hunter high on the hill at the back of the roadhouse too.

As you drive pass you can not be attracted to the giant Statues, which look good anywhere against the outback landscape but especially true here.

There is also an Art Gallery shop with hundreds of works by local Aboriginal artists at extremely good prices …not being marked up like at the other centers.

Not sure where Aileron NT is then you can download the Trax2 Northern Territory map along with the Trax2?Alice Springs Outback Map that has both been designed from the ground up as a bilingual publications


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