Big Murray Cod Tocumwal

Don’t miss out on catching a Big Murray Cod in Tocumwal NSW…

Sitting on the lovely grassed Tocumwal Foreshore Park is the ‘World’s Biggest Codfish’, the Big Murray Cod of Tocumwal.

Big Murray Cod TocumwalThe local Indigenous name for the Murray Cod is ‘Goodoo’. The?Big Murray Cod of Tocumwal was originally erected at the old swimming pool in 1968, but was later moved to its present location on the foreshore.

Australia is home to more than just a couple of big things. As the name a big country imply, Australia has a love of similarly oversized objects.

And so the Big Murray Cod is only one of about 150 BIG and large sculptures & structures scatted across the Australian countryside.

Thus “Toc” (as the locals refer to Tocumwal) is home to the “Big Fish”…

The Big Murray Cod Tocumwal, New South Wales, is one of the earliest big things anywhere in Australia.

Built in 1968, the big cod has become an attraction by itself along with the other big draw card, The BIG STRAWBERRY below at Koonoomoo on the Victorian side of the Murray.

Big Strawberry

To get to the Big Strawberry download the Tocumwal-Cobram Map below

The Big Cod – A quick history…

Trixie Moore, Alice Johnson and Lorna Nash members of the the Women?s Auxiliary of Tocumwal Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture? in 1963, decided that Tocumwal needed to be the first town to put something large to “get Tocumwal” on to the tourism map, so came up with the idea of a Big Fish.

So these women of “Toc” held dances, card nights, and more to raise money to build their giant cod fish.

However it was Coffs Harbor in 1964, with its Big Banana that was finished first, as it took? another 4 years before the three women finally raise the $4,000 needed for Duralite in Melbourne to build their Big Murray Cod.

Tocumwal mapMade from fabricated steel truss and fiberglass moldings from a plaster and clay sculpture is was not finished until 1967.

Now over the years the poor fish has been abused. Graffiti has had to be removed. It’s been shot at by crazies with guns. The fins have been cracked. There was even a public meeting ?Icon or Eyesore?? held to discuss its future.

Today the Big Murray Cod is a prominent landmark of Tocumwal.

So come and enjoy the playground, picnic and toilet facilities, the best Murray river views, with rustic views of both the old and new bridges linking Victoria to New South Wales.

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