Ruby Gap

From Alice Springs it’s just a “short” drive to Ruby Gap, however to save time download this detailed? Trax2 Outback map of Alice Springs

 Alice Springs outback

Once you have downloaded the Trax2 Alice Springs Outback map than you will be able to find your way to…

the Ruby Gap Nature Park NT

Ruby Gap is linked to the first mining rush in Central Australia. In March 1886, explorer David Lindsay found what he thought were rubies in the bed of the Hale River. By May 1887 there were over 200 people in the area prospecting for rubies. By then gold had been discovered in the creek near Paddys Rockhole, 45 km to the west, which led to the establishment of the Arltunga Goldfield.

Ruby Gap

At the beginning of the ?ruby? rush European buyers were keen, but as the market was flooded, buyers began to question their quality. By June 1888, it was found that the stones were merely high grade garnets, not nearly as valuable as rubies. Central Australia?s ruby boom quickly collapsed.Today Ruby Gap retains its remoteness, providing some excellent opportunities for bush camping and viewing Central
Australia?s scenic rugged terrain.

The best time to visit Ruby Gap is in the cooler months of the year (April to September). You should allow a full day to visit Ruby Gap and two days if you plan to do any walking or visit Arltunga Historical Reserve.

How to Get there
Situated 150 km east of? Alice Springs, access to Ruby Gap is via Arltunga Historical Reserve and the Binns Track. A high clearance 4WD is essential. Rain may cause the roads to become temporarily impassable. From the park entrance there is a 5km drive along the river bed and then a 2 km walk (one way) to reach Glen Annie Gorge.

What to do

Camping – There are no facilities available but camping is permitted along the river between the park entrance and Ruby Gap. Camping fees apply and should be deposited in the box at the entrance to the Park.

Hiking – Much of the Park?s terrain is extremely rugged and is only suitable for the experienced walker. There are no marked trails. Visitors can follow the river bed and tracks upstream:
? 4 km, 2 hours return to Glen Annie Gorge
? 8 km, 4 hours return to Fox?s Grave via Glen Annie Gorge

Ruby Gap

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