Best healthy breakfast

Good morning world, how is this for a healthy breakfast fresh picked tree ripen pink grapefruit with the chocolate pudding fruit or black sapote (learn more about the black sapote).

healthy breakfast

All home grown in the Far North Queensland right here in Innisfail, capital of The Cassowary Coast.

And in case you were wondering where the heck is Innisfail, Innisfail is just south of Cairns.

Looking for the best maps for Cairns and Innisfail

Look no further than at the Trax2 maps site where you will find the best emaps ready to be downloaded for free and on the site don’t go pass the best designed real maps on the planet.

That way you will never need to get lost using Google Maps again, as everyone says you need to have a backup don’t depend on your mobile or digital signals.

Further afield there’s also Port Douglas and the Tablelands.

And if you want to even drive further you can cross the Savannah Way or better known as the “Road Trip of the Life Time – Broome to Cairns” all the way to Katherine which is the Gateway to Central Australia down to Alice Springs and up to Darwin.

For the adventurous you can go all the way pass the Bungle Bungles right to Broome for a swim at the famous “Cable Beach”, afterwards sit back. relax getting into the Trax2 healthy breakfast and watch the sunsets and the camels.

Back in the real world of Far North Queensland

If you’re coming up from Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney, you will need to pass Brisbane which in this case you will need to have before you start your trips or travel with a very healthy breakfast.

So get into all those tropical fruits from mangoes, pineapples, jackfruit, coconuts,, just to name a few.

Just some good living advice from Trax2 team.

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