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With more and more crocodile attacks in Darwin every year is it wise to encourage watching crocodiles jump in the Adelaide River.
However crocodile jumping in Darwin is a very popular tourist attraction and does bring in a lot of revenue for the top end.

Therefore one must ask is life more important than making money for the top end, my friends do enjoy watching crocodile jumping which is quite spectacular up close on the boats cruising Adelaide River.

For people who do not have a lot of time and want to see crocodiles, crocodile jumping is a good place to see crocodiles up close but you must remember how many people will die in the coming year.

crocodile jumping

More on culling crocs in the Northern Territory

In Australia crocodiles are protected species and with more and more people fishing using smaller boats you must wonder how many crocodiles over the years have been trained to jump as I do not believe that crocodiles jump in the wild as we have been led to believe by the tour operators who need to say such words to make it ethical for them to keep selling tours to make their livelihood.
As I have said before, because crocodiles have been protected all these years their numbers have grown substantially.

So is now the right time to cull the big crocodiles!
And is it wise to encourage crocodile jumping tours?

Above: Fishing for crocodiles…

Crocodiles can be found from Northern Western Australia through the Top End of the Northern Territory right across to Northern Queensland



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