Litchfield water holes

Litchfield National Park

Swimming in?the cooling?and invigorating crystal clear waters?of the Litchfield water holes can bring out the “HULK” in YOU.

Swimming in Litchfield water holes will bring out the hidden HULK in YOU

But first some words of advice on the TOP END aka The Northern Territory

A lot?of the best swimming?holes are only open during the dry season (May-October), but this is the Outback, and in the occasion of extreme weather or wildlife (yep, crocs), some may close to the public. So always check and believe the signage, obey information from parks authorities and seek appropriate national park entry passes.

1 of the many Litchfield water holesSo don’t believe the?TOP END’s reputation for just?been all?dry and sparse, as?you can find?hidden amongst?its desert landscape are?oases of crystal clear waterholes, warm springs and cascading falls. And here is?the pick of the most impressive Litchfield water holes to take a dip in that will turn you into the HULK.

That been said, the Northern Territory is home to some of the most spectacular swimming holes in the world and the best?time to visit is during the Dry Season roughly from April to October, temperatures are still hot during this period, with an average daily maximum?of around?30 degrees celcius.

Despite the lack of rain there is still plenty of fresh water in the swimming holes from the numerous natural springs in the region.

What to see and do in Litchfield National Park

Magnetic Termite Mounds boardwalk [] Buley Rockholes swimming and bushwalk
Florence falls swimming and bushwalk [] ?Wangi Falls swimming and bushwalk (Free gas BBQs available)
Tolmer Falls bushwalk (no swimming) ?[] Walker Creek swimming and bushwalk
Surprise Creek Falls (4WD) camping & swimming??[] ?Lost City Rock Formations (4WD)
Bamboo Creek Tin Mine??[] ?Greenant Creek bushwalk and swim??[] ?Sandy Creek (4WD) swim, bushwalk


Not sure how to get to the Litchfield water holes then you will need this Trax2 Northern Territory Map

northern territory map


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